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Biotechnology: An Illustrated Primer

Biotechnology: An Illustrated Primer PDF

Author: Rolf D. Schmid and Claudia Schmidt-Dannert

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


Publish Date: May 31, 2016

ISBN-10: 3527335153

Pages: 410

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

In the 10 years since the first edition of this booklet in English, the developments in biotechnology have further accelerated. This is true for the science, which has generated new methods such as synthetic biology, genome editing or high-throughput sequencing of genomes, generating big data which provide us with ever more detailed perceptions of the living world.

New applications in industry have followed suit – in the medical sciences, eminent examples are the therapeutic antibodies, iPS-derived stem-cell technologies or a personalized medicine based on SNP analysis and companion diagnostics; in industrial biotechnology, the emerging concepts of a “bioeconomy” based on renewable resources such as biomass, waste or carbon dioxide provide certainly a megatrend. It goes without saying that a little booklet can only provide short sketches for each of these fields. An updated literature suvey attempts to compensate for this shortcoming. It is my great joy that Professor Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, University of Minnesota, has accepted to join this and future editions as a co-author. This will help to keep the wide information provided in this book as updated as possible in a global setting.

Our sincere thanks go, beyond the individuals mentioned in the first edition, to numerous friends and colleagues who have helped again with their professional knowledge. Our particular appreciation goes to Wolfgang Wohlleben, Tuebingen University; Karin Benz, NMI Reutlingen; Ulrike Konrad, Protagen; Karl Maurer, ABEnzymes, Darmstadt; Bernhard Hauer, Georg Sprenger and Juergen Pleiss, Stuttgart University; Ulrich Behrendt, Munich; Dirk Weuster-Botz, Munich Technical University; Joern Kalinowsky, Bielefeld University; Vlada Urlacher, Düsseldorf University, and Frieder Scheller, Potsdam University.

The high quality of the artwork is due to Ruth Hammelehle, Kirchheim, of the final editing to Bernhard Walter, both of epline Co., Kirchheim u. T. Our deep thanks to both of them, to the editorial team, Dr Gregor Cicchetti, Dr Andreas Sendtko and Dr Claudia Ley at Wiley- VCH in Weinheim, Germany , and to Dr Sarah Perdue and Dr Bradford Condon at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul. The contribution of Dr Alexandra Prowald, who provided an excellent index to this book, is also highly appreciated. Rolf D Schmid, Claudia Schmidt-Dannert Stuttgart, Germany and St. Paul, Minnesota, Summer 2015

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