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Concepts of Biology 2nd Edition

Concepts of Biology 2nd Edition PDF

Author: Sylvia S. Mader

Publisher: Wcb/McGraw-Hill


Publish Date: September 10, 2010

ISBN-10: 0073403482

Pages: 856

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Preface: What Sets Mader Apart?

Focus on Key Biological Concepts

Biology—like no other discipline—uses concepts as a way to understand ourselves and the world we live in, and an understanding of biological principles should be within the grasp of all those who decide to study biology. Sylvia Mader is motivated by the desire to help science-shy students gain a conceptual understanding of biology.
Concepts of Biology was written not only to present the major concepts of biology clearly and concisely but also to show the relationships between the concepts at various levels of complexity.
Emphasis on biological concepts begins in the introductory chapter. In this edition, the first chapter discusses the scientific process and then proceeds to an overview of the five major concepts of biology. These key concepts have become the part titles for the book:
Part I:Organisms Are Composed of Cells
Part II:Genes Control the Traits of Organisms
Part III: Organisms Are Related and Adapted to Their Environment Part IV:Plants Are Homeostatic
Part V:Animals Are Homeostatic
Part VI:Organisms Live in Ecosystems

Mader Writing Style

Well-known for its clarity and simplicity, the Mader writing style makes the content accessible to students. Mader’s writing appeals to students because it meets them where they are and helps them understand the concepts with its clear “take-home messages” and relevant examples.


Applications are used throughout Concepts of Biology to show how biological concepts relate to students’ lives.
•NEW How Life Changes applications emphasize evolution as the unifying theme of biology and how it pertains to students’ lives.
•How Biology Impacts Our Lives applications examine issues that affect our health and environment.
•How Science Progresses applications discuss scientific research and advances that have helped us gain valuable biological knowledge.
All applications end with several Form Your Opinion questions that can serve as a basis for class discussion.
See page xxvii for a complete listing of application topics.

In the second edition, the “Connecting the Concepts” feature appears at the end of each chapter. This feature includes narrative and several questions to help students understand how the concepts in the present chapter are related to one another and to those in other chapter

Instructional Art

Outstanding photographs and dimensional illustrations, vibrantly colored, are featured throughout Concepts of Biology. Accuracy and instructional value were primary considerations in the development of each figure.

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