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Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Sixth Edition

Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Sixth Edition PDF

Author: Geoff Rayner-Canham

Publisher: W. H. Freeman


Publish Date: December 22, 2013

ISBN-10: 1464125570

Pages: 768

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

What Is Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry?

Descriptive inorganic chemistry was traditionally concerned with the properties of the elements and their compounds. Now, in the renaissance of the subject, the properties are being linked with explanations for the formulas and structures of compounds together with an understanding of the chemical reactions they undergo. In addition, we are no longer looking at inorganic chemistry as an isolated subject but as a part of essential scientifi c knowledge with applications throughout science and our lives. And it is because of a need for greater contextualization that we have added more relevance by means of the new chapter openers: Context.

In many colleges and universities, descriptive inorganic chemistry is offered as a sophomore or junior course. In this way, students come to know something of the fundamental properties of important and interesting elements and their compounds. Such knowledge is important for careers not only in pure or applied chemistry but also in pharmacy, medicine, geology, environmental science, and other scientifi c fi elds. This course can then be followed by a junior or senior course that focuses on the theoretical principles and the use of spectroscopy to a greater depth than is covered in a descriptive text. In fact, the theoretical course builds nicely on the descriptive background. Without the descriptive grounding, however, the theory becomes sterile, uninteresting, and irrelevant.

This book was written to pass on to another generation our fascination with descriptive inorganic chemistry. Thus, the comments of the readers, both students and instructors, will be sincerely appreciated. Our current e-mail addresses are: [email protected] and [email protected]

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