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Experience Psychology 4th Edition

Experience Psychology 4th Edition PDF

Author: Laura A. King Professor

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: September 18, 2018

ISBN-10: 1260397106

Pages: 672

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Some Students Take Psychology . . .
Others Experience It!
Informed by student data, Experience Psychology helps students understand and appreciate psychology as an integrated whole. The personalized, adaptive learning program, thought-provoking examples, and interactive assessments help students see psychology in the world around them and experience it in everyday life. Experience Psychology is about, well, experience—our own behaviors; our relationships at home and in our communities, in school, and at work; and our interactions in different learning environments. Grounded in meaningful real-world contexts, Experience Psychology’s contemporary examples, personalized author notes, and applied exercises speak directly to students, allowing them to engage with psychology and to learn verbally, visually, and experientially—by reading, seeing, and doing. Function is introduced before dysfunction, building student understanding by looking first at typical, everyday behavior before delving into the less common—and likely less personally experienced—rare and abnormal behavior. Experience Psychology places the science of psychology, and the research that helps students see the academic foundations of the discipline, at the forefront of the course.

With Experience Psychology, students do not just “take” psychology but actively experience it.
Experience a Personalized Approach

Experience Psychology emphasizes a personal approach, with an abundance of personal pedagogical “asides” communicated directly by author Laura King to students to guide their understanding and stimulate their interest as they read. Some of these notes highlight important terms and concepts; others prompt students to think critically about the complexities of the issues; and still others encourage students to apply what they have learned to their prior reading or to a new situation. These mini-conversations between the author and the reader help develop students’ analytical skills for them to carry and apply well beyond their courses.


Students study more effectively with Connect and SmartBook. How many students think they know everything about introductory psychology but struggle on the first exam?
■ SmartBook helps students study more efficiently by highlighting what to focus on in the chapter, asking review questions, and directing them to resources until they understand.
■ Connect’s assignments help students contextualize what they’ve learned through application, so they can better understand the material and think critically.
■ SmartBook creates a personalized study path customized to individual student needs.
■ Connect reports deliver information regarding performance, study behavior, and effort so instructors can quickly identify students who are having issues or focus on material that the class hasn’t mastered.

Experience the Power of Data
Experience Psychology harnesses the power of data to improve the instructor and student experiences.

For this new edition, data were analyzed to identify the concepts students found to be the most difficult, allowing for expansion upon the discussion, practice, and assessment of challenging topics. The revision process for a new edition used to begin with gathering information from instructors about what they would change and what they would keep. Experts in the field were asked to provide comments that pointed out new material to add and dated material to review. Using all these reviews, authors would revise the material. But now, a new tool has revolutionized that model. McGraw-Hill Education authors now have access to student performance data to analyze and to inform their revisions. These data are anonymously collected from the many students who use SmartBook, the adaptive learning system that provides students with individualized assessment of their own progress. Because virtually every text paragraph is tied to several questions that students answer while using SmartBook, the specific concepts with which students are having the most difficulty are easily pinpointed through empirical data in the form of a “heat map” report.

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