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Financial Accounting 6th Edition

Financial Accounting 6th Edition PDF

Author: Robert Libby and Patricia Libby

Publisher: McGraw-Hill


Publish Date: July 18, 2008

ISBN-10: 0073526886

Pages: 896

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

for both students and instructors

Libby/Libby/Short’s Financial Accounting maintains its leadership by focusing on three key attributes:

RELEVANCY—THE PIONEERING FOCUS COMPANY APPROACH: The Libby/Libby/Short authors first introduced their focus company approach as the best method for helping students understand financial statements and real-world implications of financial accounting for future managers. This approach shows that accounting is relevant and motivates students by explaining accounting in a real-world context. Throughout each chapter, the material is focused around a familiar Real company, its decisions, and its financial statements. This provides the perfect setting for discussing the importance of accounting and how businesses use accounting information. Furthering its real-world applicability, the endof- chapter cases tie directly to the American Eagle Outfitters Annual Report in Appendix B and the contrasting report from Urban Outfitters Form 10-K in Appendix C. This gives students valuable practice reading and interpreting real financial data. In addition, realworld excerpts expand on important chapter topics with insight into how real firms use financial accounting to their competitive advantage.

CLARITY—A BUILDING-BLOCK APPROACH TO TEACHING TRANSACTION ANALYSIS: Most faculty agree that mastery of the accounting cycle is critical to success in financial accounting. And yet all other financial books introduce and develop transaction analysis in one chapter, bombarding a student early in the course with an overload of new concepts and terms. The authors believe that most faculty take more time with the accounting cycle, but other financial accounting textbooks don’t. By slowing down the introduction of transactions and giving students time to practice and gain mastery, this buildingblock approach leads to greater student success in their study of later topics in financial accounting such as adjusting entries.

TECHNOLOGY—POWERFUL TOOLS FOR TEACHING AND STUDY: Students have different learning styles and conflicting time commitments, so they want technology tools that help them study more efficiently and effectively. McGraw-Hill’s Homework Manager and Homework Manager Plus, iPod downloadable content, and ALEKS for Financial Accounting provide students with three powerful tools tied directly to Financial Accounting, 6e, which will help them maximize their study time and make their learning experience more enjoyable. In addition, the Algorithmic Test Bank allows instructors to create an infinite number of algorithmgenerated quizzes and test assignments and gives students an endless number of problems with which to practice.

Libby/Libby/Short’s Financial Accounting is the proven choice for presenting financial accounting in a clear, relevant manner that keeps students engaged throughout your course. Read on for more insight into what has made this textbook such a success with faculty and students.

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