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Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary Society 10th Edition

Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary Society 10th Edition PDF

Author: William Yarber

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: September 25, 2018

ISBN-10: 1260397122

Pages: 688

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book is dedicated to Elton John, who created the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) in the United States in 1992 and in the United Kingdom in 1993. The EJAF was created to respond to the need for philanthropic support to address the global AIDS epidemic, to assure that all people living with HIV have access to high-quality medical care and treatment, and to address and reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. With the vision and leadership of Elton and the generous support of many friends and supporters, the two foundations have raised over $400 million. EJAF raises funds for evidence-based programs and advocates for policies that protect and strengthen the health and rights of people affected by HIV/ AIDS. Further, the EJAF is the largest private funder of syringe exchange programs in the United States, which are valuable in efforts to end the opioid epidemic.
Elton had a special relationship with Ryan White and has said that Ryan’s activism, compassion, and courage inspired him to change his life—to stop abusing drugs and to do something to honor Ryan and give purpose to his life. After seeking treatment for his addiction, he created the Elton John AIDS Foundation, one of the largest funders of HIV/AIDS programs in the world. President Bill Clinton said “My friend Elton has touched us all with his music and with the countless lives he has saved through his AIDS foundation.” —w. l. y.
To my family, especially Bob, who provide the inspiration, patience, support, and love I need and appreciate to do this work. —b. w. s.

Brief Contents
1 Perspectives on Human Sexuality 1 2 Studying Human Sexuality 25 3 Female Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Response 60 4 Male Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Response 91 5 Gender and Gender Roles 111 6 Sexuality in Childhood and Adolescence 142 7 Sexuality in Adulthood 167 8 Love and Communication in Intimate Relationships 192 9 Sexual Expression 223 10 Variations in Sexual Behavior 264 11 Contraception and Abortion 288 12 Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth 321 13 The Sexual Body in Health and Illness 351 14 Sexual Function Difficulties, Dissatisfaction, Enhancement, and Therapy 380 15 Sexually Transmitted Infections 421 16 HIV and AIDS 456 17 Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct 498 18 Sexually Explicit Materials, Sex Workers, and Sex Laws 537

Celebrating Sexual Diversity in Contemporary Society

Since the first edition, Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary Society has presented students with a nonjudgmental and affirming view of human sexuality while encouraging them to embrace their own sexuality. More recently, our discussion of human sexuality has increasingly cited research studies and writings from countries beyond America, thus broadening student understanding of the diverse meanings and expressions of human sexuality. The desire to reflect these changes prompted us to alter the title of our book to Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary Society. Nine editions later, Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary Society continues to be a pioneering text in many ways. The sexual affirmation approach encourages students to become proactive in and about their own sexual well-being and includes an emphasis on the importance of embracing intimacy, pleasuring, and mutual satisfaction in sexual expression. It also strives to represent the contemporary, diverse society that students encounter inside and outside the classroom. And with McGraw-Hill Education Connect for Human Sexuality, students embark on a personalized digital learning program, which allows them to study more effectively and efficiently.

Health and Well-Being

As one fundamental component of the human condition, sexuality can impact personal well-being. When balanced with other life needs, sexuality contributes positively to personal health and happiness. When expressed in destructive ways, it can impair health. We believe that studying human sexuality is one way of increasing the healthy lifestyle of students. Integrated into all chapter are discussions, research, questions, and prompts that interrelate students’ well-being and their sexuality.

Thinking Critically About Human Sexuality Each chapter contains multiple Think About It features that prompt students to think critically about topics in sexuality such as am I normal, the science of love, hooking up, what behaviors constitute having had sex, orgasm and pleasure, and how college students indicate and interpret consent to have sex. Celebrat

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