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Mechanics: Volume 1 (Course of Theoretical Physics S) 3rd Edition

Mechanics: Volume 1 (Course of Theoretical Physics S) 3rd Edition PDF

Author: L D Landau and E.M. Lifshitz

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann


Publish Date: January 15, 1976

ISBN-10: 0750628960

Pages: 224

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

THis book continues the series of English translations of the revised £!nd augmented volumes in the-Course of Theoretical Physics, which have been appearing in Russian since 1973. The English translations of volumes 2 (Classical Theory of Fields) and 3 (Quantum ·Mechanics) will shortly both have been published. l’nlike those two, the present volume 1 has not required any considerable revision, as is to be expected in such a wellestablished branch of theoretical physics as mechanics is. Only the final sections, on adiabatic invariants, have been revised by L. P. Pitaevskii and myself.

The Course of Theoretical Physics was initiated by Landau, my teacher and friend. Our work together on these books began in the late 1930s and continued until the tragic accident that befell him in 1962. Landau’s work in science was always such as to display his striving for clarity, his effort to make simple what \\”as complex and so to reveal the laws of nature in their true simplicity and beauty. It was this aim which he sought to instil into his pupils, and which has determined the character of the Course. I. have tried to maintain this spirit, so far as I was able, in the revisions that have had to be made without Landau’s participation. It has been my good fortune to find a colleague for this work in L. P. Pitaevskii, a younger pupil of Landau’s. The present edition contains the biography of Landau which I wrote in 1969 for the posthumous Russian edition of his Collected Works. I should like to hope that it will give the reader some slight idea of the personality ‘lf that remarkable man.

The English translations of the Course were begun by Professor I\1. Hamermesh in 1951 and continued by Dr. ]. B. Sykes and his colleagues. ~o praise can be too great for their attentive and careful work, which has contributed so much to the success of our books in the English-speaking world. Institute of Physical Problems E. M. LIFSHITZ
[ ·.s.S.R. Academy of Sciences
Jloscow 1976

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