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Physical Examination and Health Assessment 7th Edition

Physical Examination and Health Assessment 7th Edition PDF

Author: Carolyn Jarvis PhD APN CNP

Publisher: Saunders


Publish Date: February 18, 2015

ISBN-10: 1455728101

Pages: 896

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book is for those who still carefully examine their patients and for those of you who wish to learn how to do so. You develop and practice, and then learn to trust, your health history and physical examination skills. In this book, I give you the tools to do that. Learn to listen to the patient—most often he or she will tell you what is wrong (and right) and what you can do to meet his or her health care needs. Then learn to inspect, examine, and listen to the person’s body. The data are all there and are accessible to you by using just a few extra tools. High-tech machinery is a smart and sophisticated adjunct, but it cannot replace your own bedside assessment of your patient. Whether you are a beginning examiner or an advanced-practice student, this book holds the content you need to develop and refine your clinical skills.


The 7th edition retains the strengths of the first six editions: a clear, approachable writing style; an attractive and userfriendly format; integrated developmental variations across the life span with age-specific content on the infant, child, adolescent, pregnant woman, and older adult; cultural competencies in both a separate chapter and throughout the book; hundreds of meticulously prepared full-color illustrations; sample documentation of normal and abnormal findings and 60 clinical case studies; integration of the complete health assessment in 2 photo essays at the end of the book where all key steps of a complete head-to-toe examination of the adult, infant, and child are summarized; and a photo essay highlighting a condensed head-to-toe assessment for each daily shift of nursing care.

The 7th edition has a new chapter section and several new content features. A new Electronic Health Recording section in Chapter 29 discusses the documenting of assessment findings with the new technology. Chapter 28 is a new photo essay on the complete physical assessment of the Infant, Child, and Adolescent. There are 45 new clinical case studies and 15 revised studies of frequently encountered situations that show the application of assessment techniques to patients of varying ages and clinical situations. These case histories, in SOAP format ending in diagnosis, use the actual language of recording. Diagnoses are derived from assessment data and show the relationship between medical and nursing diagnoses. I encourage professors and students to
use these as critical thinking exercises to discuss and develop a Plan for each one.

My focus throughout is evidence-based practice. Chapter 1, Evidence-Based Assessment, is reoriented to conducting the most effective, accurate exams based on data showing their usefulness in patient assessment. Throughout the text, examination techniques are explained and included depending on current clinical evidence.

Pat Thomas has designed 32 new art pieces in beautiful detail. We have worked together to design new teaching tables for students; note Table 13-4, Thyroid Hormone Disorders; Fig. 19-12; Jugular venous pulsations; Table 21-2, Clinical Portrait of Intestinal Obstruction; Fig. 23-59 The Glascow Coma Scale; Table 23-6, Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke; and many others. Kevin Strandberg and I have had many new photo shoots, replacing exam photos in Chapter 18, Thorax and Lungs, and many others.

All Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle boxes have been rewritten to respond to current health-related concerns. These boxes describe an important teaching topic related to the body system discussed in each chapter—a teaching topic you can use to enhance patient health. Also, new content on obesity is added to numerous chapters to address the important role we health care providers have in assessing and addressing obesity in adults and children. The Abnormal Findings tables located at the end of the chapters are revised and updated with many new clinical photos. These are still divided into two sections. The Abnormal Findings tables present frequently encountered conditions that every clinician should recognize, and the Abnormal Findings for Advanced Practice tables isolate the detailed illustrated atlas of conditions encountered in advanced practice roles.

All chapters are revised and updated, with accurate coverage in anatomy and physiology, physical examination, and assessment tools. Developmental Competence sections provide updated growth and development information, and the Examination section of each body system chapter details exam techniques and clinical findings for infants, children, adolescents, and aging adults.
Culture and Genetics data have been revised and updated in each chapter. Together with a revised Chapter 2 on cultural competence, these data highlight the importance of diversity and cultural awareness.

Chapter bibliographies are up-to-date and are meant to be used. They include the best of clinical practice readings as well as basic science research and nursing research, with an emphasis on scholarship from the last 5 years.

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