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Production and Operations Analysis, Seventh Edition

Production and Operations Analysis, Seventh Edition PDF

Author: Steven Nahmias and Tava Lennon Olsen

Publisher: Waveland Press


Publish Date: January 21, 2015

ISBN-10: 1478623063

Pages: 820

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This edition is the most substantial to date. All of the changes have been to the first half of the book, which appears to comprise the most popular chapters. Chapter 1 is basically intact with the addition of a major section on servicization. In Chapter 2, the tables that appeared in the first six editions have been replaced with screen shots of spreadsheets with cell formula definitions. The section on seasonal decomposition has been streamlined, and several new snapshot applications were added. Chapter 3 has been retitled and repositioned. The chapter is now titled “Sales and Operations Planning.”

It incorporates the aggregate planning material from prior editions, but includes new material on the planning process and discusses how production plans grow out of demand forecasts. Chapter 4 on deterministic demand includes a new Snapshot Application and a brief case study at the end of the chapter. In Chapter 5, there is a new appendix that derives a closed form expression for the expected cost function in a newsvendor model with normal demand. Chapter 6 on supply chains has been substantially revised and repositioned. Chapter 7 is new. It presents a comprehensive treatment of the analytical models for service systems and incorporates material on queueing and the Poisson process from the prior editions. The remaining chapters (8 through 13) are largely the same as the sixth edition. Finally, I am very happy to welcome Tava Lennon Olsen as a co-author. She has brought a fresh perspective to the book and broadened the coverage substantially. Steven Nahmias

Brief Contents
About the Author xv
Preface xvi
Introduction xvii
1 Strategy and Competition 1
2 Forecasting 52
3 Sales and Operations Planning 128
Supplement 1 Linear Programming 169
4 Inventory Control Subject to KnownDemand198
5 Inventory Control Subject to UncertainDemand249
6 Supply Chain Management 315
7 Service Operations Management 367
Supplement 2 Queueing Techniques 417
8 Push and Pull Production Control Systems: MRP and JIT 437
9 Operations Scheduling 490
10 Project Scheduling 543
11 Facilities Layout and Location 593
12 Quality and Assurance 666
13 Reliability and Maintainability 742
Appendix: Tables 796
Index 814

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