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Programmable Logic Controllers 5th Edition

Programmable Logic Controllers 5th Edition PDF

Author: Frank D. Petruzella

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: January 13, 2016

ISBN-10: 9780073373843

Pages: 432

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) continue to evolve as new technologies are added to their capabilities. As PLC technology has advanced, so have programming languages and communications capabilities. Today’s PLCs offer faster scan times, space efficient high-density input/ output systems, and special interfaces to allow nontraditional devices to be attached directly to the PLC.

Now in its Fifth Edition, changes made to the content of the text have been made solely based on reviews from current instructors and include:
• material that should be added or deleted from chapters
• topics requiring more in-depth coverage
• increased integration of the ControlLogix platform of controllers
• chapter modifications require to meet current curriculum needs

The primary source of information for a particular PLC is always the accompanying user manuals provided by the manufacturer. This textbook is not intended to replace the vendor’s reference material, but rather to complement, clarify, and expand on this information. The text covers the basics of programmable logic controllers in a manner that complements instruction with a SLC-500 or ControlLogix platform. The underlying PLC principles and concepts covered in the text are common to most manufacturers. They serve to maximize the knowledge gained through on-the-job training and programs offered by different vendors.

The text is written in an easy-to-read style that is designedfor students with no prior PLC experience. For example, when the operation of a program is called for, a bulleted list is used to summarize its execution. The bulled list replaces a lengthy paragraph and is especially helpful when covering the different steps related to the execution of a program.

Each chapter begins with a brief introduction outlining chapter coverage and learning objectives. When applicable, the relay equivalent of the virtual programmed instruction is explained first, followed by the appropriate PLC instruction. Chapters conclude with a set of review questions and problems. The review questions are closely related to the chapter objectives and require students to recall and apply information covered in the chapter. The problems range from easy to difficult, thus challenging students at various levels of competence.

Features new to the Fifth Edition include:
• Key concepts and terms are highlighted in bold the first time they appear.
• New/updated photos and line art for every chapter.
• New topics for every chapter as requested by reviewers.
• Addition review questions for new topics.
• Updated instructor PowerPoint lessons.
• More than 175 SLC-500 and ControlLogix program simulation videos tied directly to the programs studied in the text

In addition, students who are using McGraw- Hill’s Connect can watch simulated, step-by-step execution of numerous ladder logic programming examples. They’re guided by an audio commentary that explains what to look for as the program is executed. The videos are part of the Student Resources section of Connect.

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