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Understanding Biology (Majors Biology) 2nd Edition

Understanding Biology (Majors Biology) 2nd Edition PDF

Author: Kenneth A. Mason Dr. Ph.D. and George B Johnson Professor

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: January 23, 2017

ISBN-10: 1259592413

Pages: 1088

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Language: English

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Book Preface

The goal of the first edition of this book was to produce a text containing the topics actually covered in the majority of introductory biology classes at the depth that these topics are being taught. The second aim was to make the text as approachable to the student as possible. In this revision, we have not changed the material covered, as our research for the first edition already indicated what is being taught. Instead, we have tried to improve the readability for the student. One particular focus was cleaning up loose use of language in discussing chemical topics, especially those related to energy and chemical bonds. We have attempted to make the treatment of chemical and physical concepts as accurate as possible, as well as presented for maximum readability for the student.

Brief Contents
About the Authors iv
Changes to This Edition vi
A Learning Path to Understanding Biology viii
Acknowledgments xvii
Contents xviii
Part I The Molecular Basis of Life 1
1 The Science of Biology 1
2 The Nature of Molecules and the Properties of Water 21
3 The Chemical Building Blocks of Life 40
Part II Biology of the Cell 66
4 Cell Structure 66
5 Membranes 94
6 Energy and Metabolism 115
7 How Cells Harvest Energy 131
8 Photosynthesis 156
9 Cell Communication 179
10 How Cells Divide 198
Part III Genetic and Molecular Biology 222
11 Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis 222
12 Patterns of Inheritance 238
13 The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance 259
14 DNA: The Genetic Material 280
15 Genes and How They Work 304
16 Control of Gene Expression 332
17 Biotechnology 358
18 Genomics 383
Part IV Evolution 409
19 Genes Within Populations 409
20 The Evidence for Evolution 431
21 The Origin of Species 454
Part V The Diversity of Life 477
22 Systematics and Phylogeny 477
23 Prokaryotes and Viruses 497
24 Protists 522
25 Fungi 548
26 Plants 570
27 Animal Diversity 594
28 Vertebrates 625
Part VI Plant Form and Function 656
29 Plant Form 656
30 Flowering Plant Reproduction 681
31 The Living Plant 706
Part VII Animal Form and Function 736
32 The Animal Body and How It Moves 736
33 The Nervous System 761
34 Fueling the Body’s Metabolism 789
35 Maintaining Homeostasis 822
36 Reproduction and Development 860
Part VIII Ecology and Behavior 893
37 Behavioral Biology 893
38 Ecology of Individuals and Populations 918
39 Community Ecology 940
40 The Living World 974
Glossary G1
Appendix A: Answer Key A-1
Index I-1

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